After completing my higher secondary studies, first I went for Bachelor in Computer Application, but my mind was always attracted towards a creative field. When pursuing B.C.A I felt it was quite boring for me so finally I took a decision to drop it out for go into any professional institution to learn the art of post production to pursue my career in an artistic field and now I’m happily playing with the effects in Animation, Image Editing & VFX.


During my corporate days, I came across the word job satisfaction. So I took a diversion in life to do editing. The possibilities to create is endless when it comes to editing, especially effects, that’s why I love to do what I do. You are never gonna run out of creativities.


I always wanted to see the world from the bird’s point of view that how it could be seen from over the sky, and one day I’ve heard about the ‘Aerial View’ So I was eager to know about it. I bought relevant gadgets and from that day my wish was turned into a reality. I can’t fly like birds but yes, now I can see the world as I always wanted to.